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2004An integrated model of online customer loyaltyTam, Tsui-wa Christine
2000An integrated model of organizational learning : a case studyLeung, Yan-tao Edward
2002An integrated model of service loyaltyLu, Ting-pong Johnny
1999Integrated network management system for international networkAu-Yeung, Kai-chi Leo
2004Integrated on-chip inductors for radio frequency CMOS circuitsTsui, Chiu
2018Integrated optimal design of permanent magnet in-wheel motorsWang, Heshou
2001An integrated process and project management tool for multi-site software developmentChung, Man-lap
2001Integrated resources planning incorporated with sustainable renewable energy sources and illustrative case study in Hong KongPang, Ching-fung
2003Integrated river trade logisticsChik, Kwok-choi
2011Integrating A* algorithm with neural networkLv, Ye
2004Integrating active learning strategies into the teaching of accountingPoon, Kam-ling Jandia.
2019Integrating agent-based simulation with 3D modelling for improving building safetyWang, Xin
2013Integrating distributed renewable energy sourcesJiang, Chong
2012Integrating genetic algorithm and fuzzy integral for evaluating game units combination in RTS gameLi, Yingjie
1998Integrating semi-structured data from the Web with structured data in databasesMak, Hon-chung Edmund
2012Integrating social media into website performance evaluation : theory and application to hotels in Hong KongLeung, Yiu Chung Daniel
1999Integration of a building/population density model into GISSiu, Chun-fai
1999Integration of an ice rink in a shopping center : a case study of Cityplaza Ice PalaceYung, Kwong-ming Arthur
2008The integration of CRM with SCM : a study of customer value oriented supply chain strategies in China manufacturing industryDing, Yuqing
2015The integration of framework of multiliteracies pedagogy in traditional primary literacy classroom curriculum : a collaborative action research study of the use of multiliteracies pedagogy in a primary school English classShiu, Wing Hoi Cathy