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2018Liquid-crystal-based planar waveguide devices for optical interconnectsLi, Tenghao
2013Live video identification and transmission over wireless networkYuan, Yin
2017The lived experience of foreign domestic helpers in caring for older people in the community : a hermeneutic phenomenological studyHo, Hok Man
2008The lived experience of Hong Kong Chinese mothers of extremely low birth weight preschool children : a phenomenological studyCheng, Yee-mei Grace
2015The lived experiences of hope among people recovering from schizophrenia in Hong KongLeung, Sze Ming Samuel
2024Load flow solvers for DC and hybrid AC/DC gridsJavid, Zahid
2022Local buckling behaviour of high strength steel and hybrid I-sectionsChen, Shuxian
2020Local governance transformation in urbanizing China: a case study of Beijing Lugouqiao townshipDai, Yao
2016Local grammars of movement in financial EnglishSui, Xin
2014Local-measure-based landslide morphological analysis using airborne LiDAR dataDeng, Susu
2018Localization and characterization of noise sources in enclosed space by microphone arrayWang, Tiangang
2013Localization and characterization of noise sources in urban environment by microphone array signal processingTam, Kai Chung
2020Localization and characterization of the fault in wheel/rail systemChen, Long
2009Localized generalization error bound for multiple classifier systemChan, Pak-kei Patrick
2006Localized generalization error model and its applications to supervised pattern classification problemsNg, Wing-yin
2011Localized generalization error model with variable size of neighborhoods and applications in ensemble feature selectionChan, Po-fong
2017Long term research of aerosol optical thickness derived from visibility data in China and a case study of the impact of urbanizationZhang, Zhaoyang
2023Long-range coulomb interaction for reactive atomistic simulations : application to graphene-water capacitorsNwankwo, Udoka
2022Long-term land use land cover change and its impact on ecosystem services : a comprehensive study in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau (GHKM) regionHasan, Sarah
2022The long-term spatiotemporal dynamics of sand dunes in arid environment studied with optical satellite imagerySaleh, Eslam Ali Hussein