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2018Adaptation of extrapolation techniques in the proximal gradient algorithm and an iteratively reweighted l₁ algorithmYu, Peiran
2015Adaptive and parallel variational multiscale method for the Navier-Stokes equationsXie, Cong
2017Advances in stochastic volatility modelingWang, Qingzheng
2013Algorithms and applications of semidefinite space tensor conic convex programXu, Yi
2006American option pricing and penalty methodsZhang, Kai
2018Analysis of age-structured population growth for single speciesLiu, Kaihui
2015Analysis of dual-listed companies in mainland and Hong KongBai, Yu
2000Application of tabu search algorithm for vehicle routing problemLai, Chung-hei
1999Applying simulated annealing for the maximal covering location problem with an enhanced algorithmMok, Man-ho
2005The augmented Lagrangian methods and applicationsZhou, Yuying
2018Boundary layer problems in chemotaxis modelsHou, Qianqian
2017Characterization of turbulent premixed hydrogen-enriched methane-air flames using large eddy simulationCicoria, David Anthony
2019A class of two-stage stochastic quadratic programs with applications in oil marketShi, Yun
2007Co-ordinated supply chain management and optimal control problemsLee, Yu-chung Eugene
2009Co-ordination models of a single-vendor multi-buyer supply chainJiang, Yuan
2017Co-ordination of a supply chain with reverse logistics : vehicle routing problem and CO₂ emissionMan, Nora
2016Co-ordination, warehousing, vehicle routing and deliverymen problems of supply chainsWei, Yan
2017Coherent feedback control for linear quantum systems and two-strategy evolutionary game theoryCui, Lei
2001Comparative analysis of clinical trials using long-term survivor modelsHui, Yuk-hung
2018Computation of problems related with tensors arising from hypergraphsChang, Jingya