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2011Distribution of points on the sphere and spherical designsAn, Congpei
2012Distributionally robust stochastic variational inequalities and applicationsZhang, Yanfang
2023Efficient first-order methods for structured sparse optimization and their financial applicationsHu, Xinlin
2019Efficient numerical methods for multi-phase flow problems with Peng-Robinson equation of stateZhang, Yuze
2019Efficient numerical methods for quad-curl problem and fast solversWang, Chao
2012Exact penalty function methods and their applications in search engine advertising problemsMa, Cheng
2022Existence and stability of traveling waves to conservation laws arising from chemotaxisYan, Ran
2017Existence of traveling wave solutions of a hyperbolic systemZhang, Zengyan
2017Financial time series modelling in frequency domainTang, Wai Man
2021First-order methods with extrapolation for some structured nonconvex problems and their applicationsZu, Chenchen
2017First-order splitting algorithms for nonconvex matrix optimization problemsYang, Lei
2002Generalized convexity in optimizationYang, Xinmin
2005Generalized Newton-type methods and their applicationsLing, Chen
2023Global dynamics and spatial patterns of a ratio-dependent preytaxis model driven by the accelerationMu, Shuhao
2022Global dynamics of some predator-prey systems with preytaxisLuo, Yong
2009Globalization techniques for solving nonlinear problems and applicationsChen, Jinhai
2022Globally and superlinearly convergent algorithms for two-stage stochastic variational inequalities and their applicationsWang, Xiaozhou
2000Graph applications on frequency assignment problems and map colouringLau, Chai-fat
2018Graphical models and its estimation in time series analysisYuen, Tsz Pang
2021Group sparse optimization problems for random fields on the unit sphereLi, Chao