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1996An exploratory study on women's solutions to their husbands' extra-martial affairsHung, Yiu-ying Angie
1999Exploratory study on youth, parents and social workers' perception and understanding on statutory supervision service to runaway youth placed under the care or protection orderLam, Choi-man Alice
1998Exploring the difficulties of stepmothers in the Hong Kong Chinese societyKwok, Yuen-ching Lily
1999Exploring the help-seeking behaviours of the newly arrived mothers from China who have parenting problemsMak, Sau-chun
1999Factors affecting anger expressions of form one studentsTse, Toi-ha Della
1997A feminist analysis of family life education serviceCheung, Sandra Oi-ngor
1998The influence of Chinese social relation on personnel management between the supervisor and the supervisee in social welfare organizations in Hong KongTam, Chi-keung
1998The influence of organizational culture on the managerial functions of a Christian social service agency in Hong KongPeng, Kin-tak
1998The influence of staff-resident interaction on the power of residents in the psychiatric halfway houses in Hong KongChan, Lai-fun Antonia
1998Job satisfaction of frontline social workers in non-government residential service organizationCheng, Chun-wah
1997Leadership behavior : supervisor and subordinates communication pattern in family service centreLam, Yuet-ying
1997The meaning & process of empowerment : as perceived through the eyes of participants of elderly empowerment groupsChan, Ching-wa Jonathan
1998Migration and identity : a study on the Chinese teenage immigrants and their implications to social services deliveryLo, Choi-ling Fanny
1998The perception of community work approach by the frontline workers of the outreaching social work teamsChan, Wai-leung
1995The perception of residents in halfway house towards social support and its implication to their decision of moving out of the houseFok, Chin-cho Charles
1996A psychosocial approach to understanding girls' runaway behavioursLam, Yee-mi Amy
1998A qualitative study on casework supervision in handling suspected child abuse casesChan, Sheuk-ting Seretta
1997A reflection on understanding client's frame of referenceChow, Fung-ping
1998The relationship between parenting styles and adolescent runawayMak, Kay-mun
1999Rethinking Alfred Schutz's life-world-spousal sexuality of Hong Kong Chinese couple as a case in pointHo, Wing-chung