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2001Investigation on sensing topology for sequential control of chiller plants for efficient operation and controlKwan, Chi-hung Alex
2010Investigation on simulating the performance of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) by using EnergyPlusChan, Tsz-ying Jason
2013Investigation on the actual power output of building-integrated amorphous photovoltaic claddingsLiu, Hongyu
2010Investigation on the defrosting characteristics of an air-to-air heat pump under different operation conditionsYao, Ting
2011Investigation on the performance of multi-junction solar cellsChiang, Yan-yi
2000An investigation on the statistical properties of noise at residential building facadesChu, Ho-kin
2002Life cycle energy analysis & cost evaluation of a hotel buildingLeung, Chi-fai
2011Light pollution caused by building façade lighting and signs attached to buildingsLo, Chung-yun Juan
2013Lighting calculations for LED systemsYao, Cheng
2010Lightning protection, earthing and bonging systems in buildingsChow, Lap-yan Ryan
2013Lightning surges on vertical structuresWang, Xinghua
2009Lightning-caused disasters and lightning protection in China : past, today and tomorrowZhan, Lei
2012Lightning-caused surface charge/current density on metallic roof of structureChan, Siu-keung
2007Lightning-induced impulse magnetic fields in high-rise buildingsZhou, Qibin
2013Localization and characterization of noise sources in urban environment by microphone array signal processingTam, Kai Chung
2014Locating sound source in the presence of reflectionsShi, Fangdi
2003Machine condition monitoring by time : frequency analysis on start up and shut down signalsLau, Wing-keung
2007Magnetic field shieldingTsang, Wai-bong
2014Magnetic field shieldingFeng, Yangqing
2018Magnetic field shielding for transformer roomNg, Kin Chiu