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1999Maintenance strategies of grade A office buildings in Hong KongWong, Kin-pui
2001Maintenance strategy of hospital in Hong KongChan, Katherine
2001Management of asbestos in electricity substationsCheung, Chun-wa
2002Management of fresh air supply system in high rise building in Hong KongChan, Tim Christopher
2001Managing quality lighting in modern workplaceSin, K. F. Paul
1999Mathematical analysis of an ASET-based two-layer zone modelKwan, Wai-sang
2013Measurement of background ammonia and other pollutants in different places near roads in Hong KongLee, Ho Cheong
2007Measurement of luminous environment using digital cameraChan, Cheuk-ka
2016Measurement of structure-borne sound power transmission from a machine to the floorZhou, Bing
2011Measurement of total structure-borne sound power transmission from a building services machine by direct and indirect methodsLau, Ka-chi James
2009A method for computing design cooling loads in intermittent air-conditioning operationWang, Kun
2001Methodology for forecasting residential energy demand in China : an approach to technological impactsLiao, Zaiyi
2003Methods to evaluate thermal comfort and wind comfort in sky gardenTang, Yuen-man
2005Model-based building performance evaluation and diagnosisXu, Xinhua
2001Model-based optimization of centrifugal chiller seawater condenser using global cost function of operation cycleNgan, Siu-hong
2005Modeling and control of a direct expansion (DX) variable-air-volume (VAV) air conditioning (A/C) systemChen, Wu
1996Modeling and model evaluation of water-cooled centrifugal chillersLai, Kam-tim
2018A modeling investigation of cooling ability and wind comfort inside parksJiang, Xiling
2012Modeling maintenance manpower of a commercial buildingLai, Lam-tung
2014Modeling of the split type storage-enhanced heat recovery room air-conditioner (SEHRAC) for domestic water heatingZhang, Wenxi