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2023Small strain stiffness of a compacted clay with different initial structures under cyclic thermo-hydro-mechanical loadsBentil, Obed Takyi
2024Soil nitrous acid emissions : mechanisms, impact factors, and their effects on air qualityWang, Yanan
2020Sparse bayesian learning approach for damage detection in a population of nominally identical structuresZhang, Qiuhu
2023Spatial failure mechanisms and performance analysis of coastal bridges under extreme wavesZhu, Deming
2020Spatiotemporal variation of PM₂.₅-associated bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes between Beijing and Hong KongLi, Xin
2020Square concrete-filled steel tubular columns with internal high-strength steel confinementWang, Jiji
2014Statistical approach for activity-based model calibration based on plate scanning and traffic counts dataSiripirote, Treerapot
2015Statistical modelling of tyre/road noise for urban driving conditionsMak, Kai Long
2018Stochastic modeling and uncertainty investigation of unsteady open channel flowsChen, Keyue
2021Strategic organosolv pretreatment toward energy-efficient sugar and lignin utilization in lignocellulose biorefineryIslam, Md Khairul
2022Strengthening of reinforced concrete beam using geopolymer bonded mini CFRP barPeng, Kaidi
2013Strengthening reinforced concrete columns by high performance ferrocementHo, Fung Yuen
2019Stress-level buffeting analysis of long-span cable-supported bridges with twin-box-deck under aerodynamic and aeroelastic pressuresTan, Zhongxu
2016Structural analysis of large scale darrieus type vertical axis wind turbines with monitoring and controlLin, Jinghua
2019Structural behavior of prefabricated UHPC-Steel-ECC hybrid box culvertZhu, Jixiang
2019Structural behaviour and design of high strength steel tubular sections and tubular jointsLan, Xiaoyi
2022Structural behaviour of hexagonal and octagonal shaped high strength steel stub columns under uniaxial compressionLiu, Junzhi
2019Structural behaviour of high strength Q690 steel welded H-sections under combined compression and bendingMa, Tianyu
2021Structural behaviour of high strength S690 cold-formed square hollow sections under compressionXiao, Meng
2019Structural behaviour of high strength S690 steel cold-formed circular hollow sectionsHu, Yifei