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2015E coli, Cu²⁺, Pb²⁺ removal from storm water by IOCS, CTAB or PolyDADMAC modified IOCSLin, Shiqi
2011Economic assessment on national environmental investments in P.R.C.Wang, Xin
2009Economic assessment on national environmental investments in PRCZhang, Beibei
2011The effect of ammonia on the formation of indoor secondary organic aerosols from the ozonolysis of air freshener emissionsYou, Yang
2004Effect of anti-symmetric mode on dynamic snap-through of curved beamPoon, Wai-yin Sam
2003Effect of high temperatures on normal strength concrete and high performance concrete containing steel fibersLau, Alan
1998The effect of initial condition and road surface roughness on the dynamic response of bridge deckLai, Wai-pang
2011Effects of apparent colors on air pollutants removal efficiency of Eco-glass blocksLam, Sum Mei
2003Effects of bacterial biofilms and iron oxide on copper distribution in a simulated marine environment : an implication to the sediments in the Pearl River estuaryChoi, Seung-chun
2002Effects of high temperatures on PFA concreteXu, Yigang
2000Effects of step loadings on stability of anaerobic hybrid reactorNg, Kin-hung
2001Effects of trace zinc, copper and chromium on organic adsorption capacity and organic removal in activated sludgeSin, Ngai Shirley
2011Effects of using waste glass with different particle sizes to replace sand in pre-cast concrete blocksLee, Gerry
1994An efficient semi-implicit finite element scheme for two-dimensional moving boundary tidal flow problemsFung, Yat-fu Wilson
2003Emission characterisation of interior architectural coatings by the use of dynamic environmental chambersKwok, Ngai-hong Arnold
1999Emission characterization of office equipmentYeung, Hong-yu
2007Emission characterizations from major indoor sources and carbonyls investigation in four Chinese mega-citiesWang, Bei
2007Endocrine disruptors elimination by UV aided oxidation processes in water via kinetics study and reaction mechanismsLau, Tim-kwan
2000Energy management study of an educational institutionTsang, Wai-ming
2010Environmentally friendly concrete paving blocks for photodegradation of air pollutantsChen, Jun