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2000Assessing the environmentally beneficial use of putrescible waste in Hong KongTse, Chi-hin
2000Assessment of dynamic responses and acceptance criteria for steel warren truss footbridges in Hong Kong with respect to pedestrian-induced vibrationsLi, Wai-man
2009Assessment of emissions of total volatile organic compounds from perfume based on chamber testHe, Chunqian
2000Assessment of stability of nailed soil cut slopes under seismic excitations in Hong KongIeong, Kwok-lun
2009Atmospheric transport and deposition of trace metals in remote reservoirs of the South China coastal regionJiang, Xunyi
2000A balance of car ownership under user demand and road network supply conditionsTam, Mei-lam
2002Base isolated structures : a view on reliability and affordabilityWan, Tak-wan
2010Behaviour and modelling of FRP-confined hollow and concrete-filled steel tubular columnsHu, Yueming
2012Behaviour and modelling of RC beams strengthened in flexure with near-surface mounted FRP stripsZhang, Shishun
2005Behaviour and modelling of steel-concrete composite shell roofsWong, Hon-ting
2010Behaviour and strength of RC beams shear-strengthened with externally bonded FRP reinforcementChen, Guangming
2002The bifurcation analysis of thick-walled hollow cylinders by a semi-analytical approach under different internal and external pressuresWong, Shun-man
1999Biological reactor for odorous fatty acids treatmentTam, Chung-yuen
2002Bolted moment connections in cold-formed steel beam-column sub-framesWong, Man-fai
2010Bond behaviour and debonding failures in CFRP-strengthened steel membersFernando, Nangallage Dilum
2001Bridge live load models with special reference to Hong KongMiao, Tianjun
2002Buckling of cylindrical shells under non-uniform stress statesSong, Chang-yong
2004Buckling of extensively welded steel cylindrical shells under axial compressionLin, Xiang
1998Buckling of T-section transition ringbeams in elevated steel silos and tanksChan, Fong
2002Buffeting response of long span cable-supported bridges under skew winds: field measurement and analysisZhu, Ledong