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1994Mathematical model study of tidal deformation in Tolo Harbour, Hong KongFung, Yuk-ming
2012Mathematical modelling of the performance of photocatalytic decomposition of defined gaseous pollutantsChan, Mo-chee
1995Maximum sea states under typhoon conditions offshore of Hong KongLau, Wai-hoi Clement
2009Measurement of atmospheric peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) and the implications to photochemical pollutionZhang, Jiamin
2002Measuring the quality of contractors' co-ordination activities during the construction processDe Saram, D. Darshi
2006Mechanisms and performance of potassium ferrate in endocrine disrupting chemicalsLi, Cong
2004The model of local mode analysis for structural acoustics of box structuresNgai, King-wah
2010Modeling explicit tropospheric oxidation through identifying volatile organic compound (VOC) sources, their impact on air quality and their signatures in South ChinaCheng, Hairong
2010Modeling of uncertainty in bridge-vehicle system and the interaction force identificationWu, Shaoqing
2009Modelling greenhouse gas emissions from the Three Gorges DamLo, Wai
2010Monitoring-based assessment of bridges subject to ship collisionGuo, Yanlin
2005Motorized and non-motorized transport systems : modeling and optimizationWu, Zixiao
2001New building design for reduction of traffic noise impactChung, Yuen-man
2010A new substructuring method for model updating of large-scale structuresWeng, Shun
2000Noise cancellation using piezoelectric actuators as control sourcesChong, Fan
1999Noise control for fan duct system using reactive silencerLeung, Ka-fung
1994Noise reduction using double wall enclosure techniqueNg, Ting-tung
2002Non-linear analysis of steel frames under non-proportional and fire loadsChan, Hiu-ming Benson
2007Non-methane hydrocarbon characteristics of motor vehicular emissions in the Pearl River Delta regionTsai, Wai-yan
1993Nondestructive damage detection in steel frame structuresArevalo, Aristides D