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2011Vision-based hand gesture recognitionZhang, Yang
2014Vision-based sign language recognitionBao, Hanqing
2018Visual learning of pairwise similarity and relative order relationshipsWang, Faqiang
2020Visualization of dynamic graphsWang, Yunzhe
2019Visualizing time series data with temporal matching based t-distributed stochastic neighbor embeddingWong, Kwan Yeung
2010Web crawling : duplication and freshness of web pagesChoi, Kam-chang
2000Web document categorization using tree matching algorithmChong, Chi-yin
2007A Web service framework to support workflow compositionTso, Kin-ying
2010Web vulnerabilities exploitation and preventionLi, Ka-wui
2000The Web-based class reservation systemWong, Ka-kit Keith
2010Web-based data mining and discovery of useful herbal ingredients (WD²UHI)Wong, Ho Kei Jackei
2002Web-based legal advisory systemLuk, Ching-yee Amy.
2000Web-based spatial data mining on air pollution meteorologyAu, Sze-wan Sandra
2001WEBGOP : collaborative Web services using Graph Oriented ProgrammingChan, Che-keung
2002WebPADS : a Web proxy for actively deployable servicesChuang, Siu-nam
1996"Why do we do what we do at all?" : a fundamental rethinking on the way court reporting service has been provided in Hong Kong. A case study of a BPR project in the Court Reporters Office, Hong Kong JudiciaryWan, Yat-ming Paul
2007Wide line detector and its applicationsLiu, Li
2010Winning e-commerce strategy for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to meet customers' needs in Hong Kong and greater China regionHo, Ka-wing Gavin
1999A workflow automation tool for ISO 9000 compliant quality management with applications in software developmentYan, Ching-ying
2008A workflow management for an offshore development centreLi, Han