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2001A self-paced, adaptive web-based coursewareChan, Yiu-cho Steven
2001Sender-adaptive rate control for layered video multicastLau, Chi-wai
2015A service model development for university education : a case study at Xidian UniversityHe, Hua
2009A service-oriented architecture based logistics and supply chain management information systemsChen, Ji
2008Shortening IT servicing time with process improvementTang, Wenge
2014Sign prediction by conformity in signed social networkWen, Yingting
1998A signature-based information retrieval system for office useChan, Shui-kuen
2001A simulation study on the fairness of TCP VegasTsang, Chi-man Estella
2015Sitting posture-based wheelchair control, empowering the disabled people to use the wheelchairHou, Zhipeng
2016Smart data pricing in wireless data networks : an economic solution to congestionZhang, Liang
2007Smart learner : intelligent Web-based e-learning guide systemDing, Huijie
2013Smart service part management : a SAP ERP based approach to enhance customer serviceZhou, Shujun
2008SOA Unified ProcessZhang, Wei
1999SOCKS5-based firewall support for UDP-based applicationFung, King-pong
2005Soft computing based dynamic buffer tuning for better response timeliness and fault tolerance for Internet channelsLin, Wan-kei Wilfred
2006Soft computing techniques for case knowledge extraction in CBR system developmentLi, Yan
2000Software components for electronic commerce using smart appliancesWong, Chiu-kwan
1994Software development in small business environmentChung, Chun-fun Edward
2002Software outsourcing and offshore development over the Hong Kong and China borderPak, Hing-cheung Bruce
1998Software process framework for small projectsYuen, Chi-fung