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2012Pattern mining algorithms : survey and improvement from association to taxonomyKang, Junrui
2005Peer-to-peer cooperative caching in mobile environmentsChow, Chi-yin
2018Perceptually important point identification for big data analytics : performance analysis and applicationsHung, Ying Kit
2019Performance analysis on ethereum and hyperledger fabricCheng, Cho Pang
2000Performance comparison of augmented multihop lightwave networkCheng, Siu-leung
2016Performance measurement of cellular networkCui, Nijie
2003Performance models and optimization for active network filtering applicationsSo, Chi-ho
1999Performance optimization of WDM lightwave networksChan, Kam-wing
2011Personal authentication using Finger-Knuckle-PrintZhang, Lin
2001A personal profiling approach for caching and prefetching in distributed virtual environmentChim, Ho-pan Jimmy
2013Personal recommender system based on CBRLiang, Xiaoyi
2020Personalized deep reinforcement learning based recommendationsLei, Yu
1998A personalized WWW agentLai, Andy Chun-fai
2014Persuasion driven influence propagation in social networksLeung, Yee Hoi
2015Persuasion-driven social influence analysis in social networksYi, Xiaoqian
2012Pervasive computing for autism screening in HKAu, Wai Kwong Berthold
2012Pervasive computing for people with motor impairmentsFan, Yuhua
2017Physical behavior based debugging : test and fault localization on cyber-physical systemsHuang, Enyan
2016The PID based algorithm for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTPZhao, Hong Wei
2005Planning for a RFID project in supply chain and logisticsAu, Chi-hung