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2016Design, analysis and application of flux-modulated machinesLiu, Yulong
2018Design, analysis and application of novel flux-controllable flux-modulated machinesWang, Qingsong
2020Design, analysis and application of novel hybrid excitation flux modulation machinesZhao, Xing
2018Design, analyze and control of novel stator-PM electrical machinesSheng, Tiantian
2017Design, control and applications of novel dual-mechanical-port electrical machinesWang, Yunchong
1998Detection of unbalanced rotor faults in induction motorLeung, Ho-wai
2017Development of 20-MHZ PMN-PT single crystal phased-array ultrasound transducers for biomedical imaging applicationsWong, Chi Man
2001Development of a CO2 based demand control and engergy [sic] recovery ventilation strategy in office buildingsSiu, Kwok-sun
2006Development of a phase-shifted series-resonant converter using robust control and integrated magneticsLu, Yan
2000Development of an evolving neural network approach in Unit Commitment of power systemWong, Man-hong
2015Development of doubly-fed electric motor and its applicationZhou, Zijun
2003Development of fibre grating lasers with tunable wavelength and single polarization mode output for dense wavelength division multiplexing fibre-optic systemsChung, Weng-hong
2008Development of hybrid constrained genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimisation algorithm for load flowTing, Tiew-on
2017Development of polymer fibre bragg grating sensors for medical applicationsBonefacino, Julien
2017Development of ring-type magnetoelectric composites for electric current sensor and transducer applicationsZhang, Shengyao
2010Development of wind farm models for power system stability and planing studiesLi, Yang
2010Device and process for ultrasonic thin-die bondingWong, Sui Yin
1995Digital adaptive protection system for a distribution networkLo, Kai-on
2015Digital signal processing for laser phase noise compensation in high-capacity digital coherent transmission systemsGao, Yuliang
1998Dynamic rating of power transformers and its real time applicationTang, Sing-por