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2020Indoor positioning based on channel frequency response and machine learningYang, Guang
2014Inductive power transfer system and its applicationZhang, Wei
2009Innovative use of building reinforced steel bars to transmit signals within a buildingChan, Kam-tong Jason
2020Instance-based source camera identification for small size images using deep learning-based techniquesAnimasahun, Idowu Oluwaseun
1999Integrated network management system for international networkAu-Yeung, Kai-chi Leo
2004Integrated on-chip inductors for radio frequency CMOS circuitsTsui, Chiu
2015Intelligent hough transform for object detection and trackingNg, Chiu Shing
2002Intelligent techniques for home electric load forecasting and balancingLing, Sai-ho
2002Interactive functions in broadcast video-on-demandMa, Hon-shing
2001Interactive video-on-demand systems in multicast environmentPoon, Wing-fai Wilson
2000Interactive voice response system for creation of linguistic databaseKwan, Ka-keung
2009Interconnection of financial markets : application of network tools to study non-stationary dynamicsLiu, Xinqi
2017Internet of things : R&D of a peer-to-peer cooperative mapping and navigation systemJia, Kanghao
2000Investigation and design of single-stage single-switch power factor corrected AC/DC converterCheung, Man-chi
2022Investigation of high-performance non-fullerene organic solar cells prepared with novel nanostructuresZhang, Ying
2017Investigation of low-density parity-check codes and decodersMo, Fanlu
2000Investigation of performance sensitivity of OFDM systems to multipath fading channel parametersWong, Mei-lung
2013Investigation of spurious waves in thin-film bulk acoustic wave resonatorsYang, Wenxia
2019Investigation of the tilted fiber bragg gratingYang, Zongru
2017Investigation of tone reservation and tone injection PAPR reduction techniques for OFDM based VLC systemLi, Bowei