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2018Study of electrolytic capacitor-less designs for light-emitting-diode (LED) lighting applicationsWu, Hao
2012Study of low-density parity-check decoding algorithmsJia, Ru
2010Study of microstrip antennas on double negative metamaterialsZhu, Yaxuan
2007Study of multiple-input multiple-output systems over fading channelsXu, Rongtao
2000Study of nonlinear phenomena in switching DC/DC convertersIu, Ho-ching Herbert
2018The study of perovskite thin films growth techniques and its impacts on solar cell efficiency and stabilityShen, Qian
2019Study of robustness of cyber-coupled power systems from a complex network perspectiveLiu, Dong
2009Study of short-length low-density-parity-check codesZheng, Xia
2000Study on MPEG-4 video coding systemTse, Hon-sang
2000Study on radio resources allocation for GPRSCheng, Chun
2001A study on the long range dependent characteristics of video traffic over ATM networksPin, Wing-hong
2006A study on the performance of multiscale error diffusion algorithmsYu, Ka-wah Neil Bryant
2000Study on video segmentationMan, Yiu-keung
2001A sub-gridding scheme with perfectly matched interface for MRTD methodChoi, Kai-yip
2014Super-resolution study via interpolation techniquesHung, Kwok Wai
2010Super-resolution videos and their application to high definition TVWong, Chi-shing
2000Supply current monitoring in mixed signal VLSIYu, Ming-fai Alex
2012A switched-capacitor based large-voltage-gain converterCheng, Wai-sing
1999A switching regulator for PWM invertersMan, Tze-kau
2000Symbol synchronization of Code Division Multiple Access mobile communication systemLai, Man-yee