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2005Interactional influences on writing conferencesChen, Siu-wah Julia
2001Intercultural communication : the choices of modal auxiliary verbs in relation to power relationship within an organizationYip, Wai-chee Vivian
2016An interpersonal metafunction analysis of selected speeches in the U.S. election in 2016Pong, Hoi Man Jordy
2017Intertextuality and interdiscursivity on Hong Kong court judgmentsLee, Tsz Leung Marco
2016Investigating a whole school approach to genre-based student writing in the primary classroomSoutherton-Simons, Christine
1998An investigation into learners' disposition and perceived ability to learn independently in the Centre for Independent Language LearningMorrall, Andrew J
2001An investigation into the features of Hong Kong ICQHo, Sheung-fun
2015An investigation into the implication of college English course to non-English majors in mainland China : a case study in a tier-3 medical collegeHuang, Xiao Bin
1996An investigation into the use of contextual clues in guessing among Hong Kong secondary school studentsChau, Suk-man Eva
1997An investigation of Cantonese L2 learners' linguistic knowledge with regard to identifying and producing english compound nounsLui, Fong Belinda
2001An investigation of form one students' perspectives on language anxiety and how it relates to their oral performanceLiu, Yuk-pui Ivy
2009An investigation of the politeness phenomena in hotel service encountersYuen, Wai-ling
1996An investigation of the role of the English panel chairs of Hong Kong secondary schools : management issues and strategiesCheung, Goretti Pui-lan
1996Is the style of writing currently being taught at an adult centre for language learning appropriate for the business context in which it needs to be used?Klintworth, Carene
2018Knowledge and representations : the meaning making process in the curriculum of mathematicsXia, Li
2015L2 learner's strategies to comprehend spatial language : evidence from English major studentsHu, Yaqing
2013Language and cultural issues in intercultural service encounters : a case study of the Hong Kong airline service industryWong, Nga Sze Alice
2001Language and culture : an evaluation of the cultural impact on the spoken discourse of the attendees in a technical workshopLeung, S. Y. Catkin
1995Language use and language proficiency : a study of a mixed group of F.6 students in Anglo-Chinese schools and its implications for the teaching and learning of English in Hong KongYan, Po-sheung Emily
2016'Learn more about technology' : a linguistic investigation on theme in online product descriptions and student writingLi, Hiu Yan Chelsea