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2022Technological innovation and provincial carbon abatement in ChinaLiu, Yanran
2012Technologically new products and value creation : an event study and the moderating effect of knowledge characteristicsLiu, Xiaojin
2022Three essays in computable equilibrium analysis : tariff, pricing, and shippingZhang, Lingge
2021Three essays in operations management : inventory management with demand learning, quality signaling and Bayesian persuasion in serviceLuo, Zhenwei
2023Three essays on Chinese reverse direct investments : theory and performance outcomesJong, Abe Pui Lam
2022Three essays on ocean transportation industry : from the financial and economics perspectivesLi, Xiaoxia
2020Three studies in firm environmental initiatives : stakeholder antecedents and performance outcomesYe, Yuxiao
2019Three studies on behavioral operations management in e-commerce : return policy, labor delivery, and new retailWang, Xuan
2022Three studies on maritime operations managementGuo, Yu
2015Transport network structure : competition and policy implicationsWang, Yujie
2019Two essays on equilibrium analysis of customer's queueing behaviorHuang, Fengfeng
2017Two essays on liner shipping network designXia, Jun
2013Two essays on managing inventory and production systems with poisson demandLi, Qingying
2018Two essays on risks and returns in operations managementYiu, Lik Man Daphne
2022Two essays on social media in organizationZhang, Miaomiao
2018Two essays on the behavioural aspect of operations management : employee attributes and customer participationGuo, Yujuan
2023Two selected topics in durable goods marketing strategy from the perspectives of depreciation and maintenanceYang, Hongru
2020Two studies on improving the efficiency of vaccine supply chainPan, Yuqing
2023Two studies on the artificial intelligence investments of firms, efficiency enhancement and spillover effect in supply chainMiao, Shucheng
2021Two studies on user-generated content in online platforms : review valence, self-presentation, and sales performanceLiu, Fuzhen