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2021Helping or ostracizing? Employee responses to coworker anxiety expressionLi, Diwan
2012How am I supposed to live without you : an investigation of antecedents and consequences of workplace ostracismXu, Hanhua
2022How and when does leaders’ expressed humility influence employee upward voice? An examination of self-presentation mechanismsTan, Haoyi
2022How consumers make unilateral decisions in joint consumptionWang, Yijie
2011How customers assess rebranding strategy : the impact of perceived brand image similarity and loyalty before rebrandingLiu Shuk-woon
2023How does post-purchase regret influence consumers' purchase intention for the almost-chosen brand in online shopping : the mediating role of self-brand connectionWang, Suyue
2023How voice content is developed by employees and evaluated by managers : a construal level perspectiveZhang, Shimin
2023Impact of communication creativity on customer acquisition in B2B marketing communication under cross-border contextZhao, Danyang
2021The impact of content and sentiment coherence on information diffusionChen, Zihan
2015Impact of information presentation on the users' intention to explore business intelligence systemYang, Junyi
2011Impacts of process and behavioral planning factors on the quality of marketing plan in ChinaWu, Keming
2021The influence of product type on consumers’ value perceptions of expiring productsLiu, Qianqian
2021Influencer authenticityGao, Yi
2012Innovation-oriented leadership, contingencies and outcomes in the multiple stages of innovation processKong, Hao
2004An integrated model of online customer loyaltyTam, Tsui-wa Christine
2012An integrative framework of customers' perceived discrimination and its impact : an empirical study of tourists in Hong KongYe, Haobin
2011International exchange partner identification : methods, antecedents and consequencesZhan, Ge
2009Interpersonal relationships, emotions, and harming : the role of cooperative goalsLam, Ka-fung Catherine
2019An investigation of the antecedents and consequences of team members' external learning : a bottom-up modelLing, Chuding
2019Is all that glitters gold? : the effect of product glossiness on consumer judgmentsSong, Jiaqi Flora