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2008An optimization methodology for preform design in forming processes via FEM simulationHu, Difeng
2018Optimization of mechanical and electrochemical performances of silicon electrode in lithium-ion batteries : molecular dynamics simulationsYin, Qifang
2009Optimizations of dynamic vibration absorbers for suppressing vibrations in structuresCheung, Yan-lung
2011Organic field effect transistor based nonvolatile memory devicesRen, Xiaochen
2010Organic-assisted solid-state reaction method for fabrication of PNN-PT ceramics with superior ferroelectric propertiesYe, Yin
2001Organized structures and their interactions in the turbulent wake of circular cylindersZhang, Hongjun
2015Parametric convergence bound of volterra series expansion and applications using nCOS-based analysis and designXiao, Zhenlong
2021Partition of unity finite element method and acoustic black hole effects : structural modelling and vibration suppressionZhou, Tong
2022Pedestrian navigation mobile device-based dead reckoning aided by factorsLiao, Qiushen
2015Performance and emissions of a direct-injection diesel engine fueled with biodiesel and dieselWei, Long
2003Pharmaceutical droplets formation and diagnostics techniques developmentWang, Yuan
2014Phase stability study of high entropy alloys (HEAs)Ng, Chun
2023Phase stability, transformations, and mechanical properties of FCC-based medium/high-entropy alloysFang, Jieyichen
2020Phase-field modeling of localized corrosion kinetics in metallic materialsAnsari, Talha Qasim
2021Phase-field modeling of the evolution kinetics of porous metals during dealloyingLi, Jie
2013Phase-field modeling on shear banding in amorphous alloys with improved ductilityZhang, Hongying
2013Phase-field simulation of void evolutionXiao, Zhi-hua
2015Photocatalytic nanofibers composed of oxides of titanium, zinc, and bismuth for the degradation of pollutant dye in water, nitric oxide and VOCPei, Chun
2022Physical mechanism and control of intraoperative floppy iris syndromeWang, Zhaokun
2017Physics-based design and optimization of domestic air purifier fan aeroacousticsWong, Yin Wai