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2018Nature or nurture : is a firm's CSR performance influenced by its industry nature and customer concentration?Ko, Siu Fung Stephen
2018A new perspective of people's mediation : the role of harmonious working passion and moral self-efficacy张富丽; Zhang, Fuli
2018Open innovation strategy based innovation performance model : an empirical study on the situation of China's VR industry李炜; Li, Wei
2015Ownership concentration, audit committee characteristics, and earnings management : empirical analysis of Hong Kong listed companiesTse, Ping Shing
2016Patients' treatment verification behavior and their final participation in medical treatments马琳; Ma, Lin
2018Prospect theory and financial fraud : the influence of political connection and institutional environment in China's transition period彭晋谦; Peng, Jinqian
2015Regulatory focus compatibility, commitment and innovation in SME coopetitionsSzeto, Sin Ho Martin
2017The relationship between marketization degree and business efficiency of China trust industry刘屹; Liu, Yi
2018Returnee entrepreneurs' human capital, dual network and innovation performanceXu, Xianjin
2014The role of personal commitment in international buyer-seller relationshipsXu, Xiaodong
2015The role of social entrepreneurial competence in resource acquisition in social entrepreisesLeung, Pak Hang
2018See you next time, friend : the impact of online agents' social-media friend request on customer relationship formation李强; Li, Qiang
2016Share option plans, earnings management, and corporate goverance: an empirical analysis of listed firms in China王岳明; Wang, Yueming
2017Smiley on chest meets smiley on face : interactive impacts on customer perceptions of employee and service evaluationsNg, Yin Mei
2016Soe dominance and corporate diversification : evidence from Chinese stock marketsChen, Yang
2017Solvers' continued participation intention in crowdsourcing platforms : an empirical study of motivation, justice and self-efficacy in microtask crowdsourcingLeung, Shing Koon Gabriel
2012State control, corporate social performance and corporate financial performance in ChinaHo, Hoi Yin Pauline
2016Stigma-cleansing? The arty behavior, self-concept and psychological health of Chinese businessmen杨燕珊; Yang, Yanshan
2014The strategic implementation of market orientation culture : safeguarding customer value for better firm performanceCheng, Hiu Hung
2015A study of ingratiating behavior towards coworkersChan, Pui Shan