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2013Statistical counting methods for strain-based structural condition assessmentWang, Xiao
2013Strategies for managing construction workers with different ethnic backgroundsRen, Xue
2018Stripping of biogas and formation of elemental sulfur by sulfide oxidationGuan, Jianyu
2016The structural behavior of steel reinforced slag-fly ash based geopolymer concrete slabXue, Zhihang
2016Structural responses of S690 steel materials under low cycle high strain cyclic loadsXiao, Meng
2013A study of calculation of volume change for landslides in Hong Kong Island based on airborne lidar dataHan, Yao
2014Study of car park provision and traffic congestionHe, Qi
2016A study of day lighting environment under different plot ratio/building height restrictions : a case in Hong KongSong, Yuanzhen
2014Study of finite element plate analysisHu, Huihui
2013A study of mainland China real estate developers' behavior on Hong Kong financial marketYang, Zhiyuan
2014Study of mobile location - based healthcare services : data analysis, mining and applicationHu, Siyan
2018The study of neighbourhood configurations on the restorative potentials and perception of oppressiveness of dwellers in high-rise residential buildingsChung, Wai Kit
2017Study of plate element finite element analysisLiang, Zilong
2015A study of relationship between the high rise residential building orientations and energy utilization index at the new develop areas in Hong KongWong, Kwok-kee
2016Study of slope stability analysis based on discontinuity layout optimization and strength reduction methodHuang, Lei
2014Study of the performance of porous asphalt mixture for urban roadsYu, Zehui
2016A study of the social benefits of built heritage conservation : a case of Hong KongHo, Wing Sum
2013A study of Urban Heat Island in Hong Kong by using HJ-1-B satellite imageZhang, Heran
2016Study on construction of public park that fits the elderly : taking Fuzhou as exampleLin, Mingying
2013A study on contractor's contract price fluctuation adjustment under FIDIC 1999 red bookGuan, Zhenghui