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2000Study on the implementation of total quality management at an in-flight caterer in Hong KongLam, Chui-nei
1999A study on the quality of service provided by a testing laboratoryLee, Kai-wei
2000A study on the self-image of secondary school students in Hong Kong and how it relates to their buying attitudes toward jeansTsang, Mei-mei
2010Study on the shape memory mechanism of SMPUs and development of high-performance SMPUsJi, Fenglong
2001A study on the training & development needs of the soft-toys project engineers in Hong KongLiu, Yung-hin Edna
2018Study on thermally activated coiled linear actuators made from polymer fibersPeng, Zehua
2013A study on ultraviolet protection factor of cotton and coolmax based on plain knitted structureYam, Lim Yung
2006Study the permeability of multi-layer woven fabricsLiu, Yi
2013Study the relationship between UV protection and knitted fabric structureChong, Hang Kei Stephen
2015Supplier integration, green sustainability initiatives, and financial performances of fashion enterprises under global financial crisisLi, Wing Yan
2000A supplier selection model for a hi-tech consumer electronic manufacturerTong, Kwok-wai
2005The supply chain advantage : development of a strategic business model for the Hong Kong clothing industryHo, Chi-kuen
2011Supply chain flexibility and responsiveness : an empirical analysis of the Chinese textile and clothing industryYi, Ying
2006Supply chain performance measurement in textile and apparel industriesCao, Ning
2020Supply chain resilience : scale development and its performance impact under different business conditions and disruptionsLi, Chunsheng
2016Surface characteristics of low-twist worsted yarns and knitted fabricsHuang, Xinxin
2015Surface functionalization of fibres with polymer brushesLiu, Xuqing
2002Surface modification of poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) by laser irradiationWong, Chi-chung Wilson
2015Surface nanopatterning of functional polymers by parallel scanning probe lithographyXie, Zhuang
2001Survey and study of design process in Hong Kong consumer product industryLai, Tze-kay