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2009Nano composite phase change materials microcapsulesSong, Qingwen
2012Nano-scale surface modification and functionalization for textile materialsTsoi, Wing-yu Iris
2011New methods of evaluating breast motion in braless and sports bra conditionsZhou, Jie
2011Novel hyperbranched macromolecules as modifiers in biodegradable nanocompositesWang, Yanming
2012Novel surface treatment for fashion garmentsYuan, Guoxiang
2011Optimal advertising and pricing strategies for luxury fashion brands with social influencesZheng, Jinhui
1998Optimization of cold pad batch dyeing via Taguchi methodsLee, Chi-shing
2007Optimization of replenishment strategy for a VMI-based apparel supply chainDong, Aihua
2004Organizational culture of an enterpriseLam, Yuk-lin Lillian
2011Pattern engineering for functional design of tight-fit running wearWang, Yongjin
1998Performance management system for the technical support department of a fixed network telecommunications operatorFung, Hon-wah
2001The performance of commercial wrinkle-free garmentsLau, Lai-yan Lilian
2009Personal protective equipment against infectious respiratory diseasesGuo, Yueping
2005Photosensitive polymer optical fibers and gratingsYu, Jian-ming
2005Physical mechanisms and characterization of smart thermal clothingYing, Boan
2000Physique of Hong Kong-Chinese discipline personnel : application of kinanthropometry to uniform sizing systemTsang Ng, Ching-yee Brenda
2008Plant structured textile materialsSarkar, Manas Kumar
2014Polydioxanone weft-knitted stents with drug delivery fuction for the treatment of colorectal cancerLi, Gang
2002Practical daylight sources for visual colorimetryLam, Yuk-ming Calvin
2003Prediction of clothing sensory comfort using neural networks and fuzzy logicWong, Siu-wo Anthony