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2000Human resource management and quality culture : a survey in the Hong Kong banking industryTsang, Tsui-man
1999A hybrid order-based genetic algorithm solution to the classified advertisements layout problemWong, Chi-fai Ivan
2000Hydration heat in mass concreteFong, Ming-sum
1994Hydraulic breaker : noise impact and controlWong, Kin-yan
1998Identification of boiler using artificial neural networkMo, Kwok-wai Edmond
1999Identification of mycobacteria by computer-aided gas liquid chromatographyYiu, Lap-san
1997Image coding based on vector quantization in vector transform domainChan, Cheuk-fai
1997Image compression using adaptive visual vector quantizationMak, Siu-fai
1997Image compression with multiple JPEGPoon, Pak-lok
1994Image data compression for a multimedia systemLiu, Tit-pang
2000Image processing for automated form readingWong, Kam-wah
2000Image segmentation by scalable spatial informationHo, Kam-wai Raymond
2000Immediate effect of dorsiflexion night splint in combination with semi-rigid insole for plantar fasciitisKwong, Terrence W. C
1999The immediate effects of passive trunk rotation on chest expansion and lung function in the elderlyCheung, Ying-kit
1998Immobilized cell bioreactor for treating food processing wastewaterKwok, Kam-kau
1999Immortalization of human chorionic villi cells with plasmid pSV3 Neo containing simian virus 40 T antigenPang, Chung-wah Kenny
2001The impact of automation in clinical laboratories on job characteristics and job satisfaction of biomedical technologists and techniciansYip, Suk-yee Gladys
1997The impact of career orientation and person-environment fit on work attitudes : a study of human service professionals in Hong KongChan, Ka-yee Nicole
1999Impact of commercial environment on the effectiveness of project developmentLeung, Shuen-lung
2001The impact of computerised building automation system on facility management perspectiveLai, Chin-hung