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2000Background separation and mosaic of video sequenceChau, Hin-ling
1997Balance performance in community-dwelling female elderly fallers and non-fallers in Hong KongHo, Sau-tat
1999The balance performance of Tai Chi and non-Tai Chi practitioners in HongKongNg, Pui-ling Vivien
2000Bandwidth allocation algorithms in ATM networksLaw, Man-man
1999BaPbO3/PE composite for PTCR applicationsYue, I-hung Raymond
2002Base isolated structures : a view on reliability and affordabilityWan, Tak-wan
1998Being in intensive care unit after surgeryWong, Yuk-king Frandia
2000Benefits that pay : family friendly policies and practices and organizational citizenship behaviorsShek, Mei-ling Gemini
2002The bifurcation analysis of thick-walled hollow cylinders by a semi-analytical approach under different internal and external pressuresWong, Shun-man
2000A binary linear programming approach to the channel assignment problem in the cellular mobile networkLeung, Chi-wai
2000A biological study of bauhinia blakeanaSo, Chi-tong
2000Biomechanical effects of castored chair height on the load of the lumbar spine during forward propulsion using feetYui, Kwan-ying
2001Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates in recombinant escherichia coli by using food industry wastesRaviraj, Vanisri
1994The book classifier : an automatic classification system for Hong Kong school Libraries based on Dewey Decimal Classification SchemeCheng, Tak-keung
1999A BPR program in an electronic manufacturing plant in Hong KongLiang, Pui-hin
2000Bridging the information technology gap between hospitality & tourism education and industrial application : a case study of Hong KongCheung, Kung-wai
1995Budget cost estimation in an integrated design environmentLee, Sun Hung
1997Budget cost estimation in building services engineeringMa, Kit-wah
2001Buffer requirement for Multi-Zoned-Recording (MZR) disk in VOD serversLi, Kam-kwan Cleo
1996Building a cross reference case tool using object-oriented techniquesChan, Choy-wing Stephen