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1999H[8] based damping controller for HVDC system with parallel AC transmissionChoi, Man-keung
2000Harmonic current reduction in SMPSYan, Kam-man
2001Harmonic study of facility management centreChung, Chun-ping
2000Head support for the elderlyChan, Chun-chung Walter
2003Health related behaviour survey of students via university Web siteLau, Yuk-ching May
2001Healthcare professionals in a changing organization : the determinants of affective organizational commitment of healthcare professionals during changeWong, Yuk-ting
1999Heat transfer of an impinging turbulent jet on a heated rectangular plate with vapourisationLo, Chi-ming
1998Hedging of trading gold asset with markov decision processesChu, Kwok-keung Eric
1998Heuristic search for non-guillotine cutting stock problem by simulated annealing and genetic algorithmYung, Chi-ho
1997A hierarchical knockout switch for high speed information networksWu, Fred Hok-choi
1998Histochemical localization of constitutive and induced nitric oxide synthase in big head carp (Aristichthys nobilis) using NADPH-diaphorase activitystainingHan, Kam-chu
2001Histone H2B genes of the mole ratsChan, Wing-chuen Gary
1999Home automation system via optical fiberKwong, Kam-wai
1996Hong Kong Government's Filipino domestic helpers policy : formulation and implementationChan, Shu-keung
2000The Hong Kong health care reforms : options and critiquesKoo, Yuk-wah
2000Hong Kong railway developmentLam, Pik-ha Linda
2000Hospital and clinical waste management and disposal in Hong KongChung, Cheuk-ming Derek
2000How has China's balance of trade responded to changes in Renminbi's exchange rate? : an empirical investigationKwong, Siu-ling
1999How will human values influence leadership style : case studies of two companiesChan, Yiu-pun
1993Human factors intelligent assistantLi, Luen-on