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2003Ultrasonography of the semitendinosus muscle in male subjects : relationship of cross-sectional area and flexibility before and after warm up exerciseHo, Shun-kok
2001Unbounded character representationLi, Wai-chiu
2002Uncertainty in GIS analysis for landslide hazard assessmentKirk, Philip
1997Understanding users' attributes in the development of management information systemsWong, Pik-wa Linda
1994Unit commitment by the lagrangian relaxation methodWong, Po-wah
2001Unit IPOs : an offer mechanism for going public by smaller and riskier firmsFung, Shan Katherine
1998UNIX security checking tool using knowledge-based approachLeung, Lap-yin
2002Usability evaluation of hotel Websites in Hong KongAu Yeung, Ying-siu Tom
1998Use a methodology model adopted QFD and questionnaires for continuous quality improvement in small construction projectsChan, Chi-wai Percy
1997The use of attitude-behaviour model to predict perinatal health behaviours among primiparaeYiu, Po-chu Ivy
2002The use of goal attainment scaling in the evaluation of gross motor changes in children with cerebral palsyDai, Oi-sheung Mandy
2000The use of hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) in Hong Kong hospital's catering for quality assurance purposesNg, Sun-wai Vincent
2003Use of modified Northwick Park Neck Pain Questionnaire in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) : validation studyYeung, Lai-ching
1999Use of quality function deployment in civil engineering project planningLi, Puisang
2001The use of RTK mode of GPS and GIS in engineering survey for piling setting outTsoi, Yan-shan
1998The use of the chinese version work personality profile in assessing employability of psychiatric day patients in Hong KongChan, Cap Siu-ching
1999Use of value management in design-build contractsWan, Shui-cheong Dickens
1997The use of WDM for timing synchronization in rayleigh fading channelChan, Ching-yuen
1999User profiling to information discovery over WWWKan, Patrick T. Y
2001Using a sit-and-forward reach test to predict the mobility outcomes of patients with acute strokeTsang, Yuk-lan Emily