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2007The development of parametric shape grammars integrated with an interactive evolutionary system for supporting product design explorationLee, Ho-cheong
2007Dreaming cultures : cultural representations of Shanghai in tourismTsang, Ka-man
2019The early product concept prototyping strategy in participatory design processLee, Yu Hin Brian
2019An embodied approach to the analysis and design of interactive ambient mediaTan, Liang
2013Emotion in decision making during the design process for undergraduate studentsHo, Amic Garfield
2010Emotional design for hotel stay experiences : research on guest emotions and design opportunitiesLo, Kathy Pui-ying
2017Enhancing the museum experience for visually impaired people in Hong Kong : haptic-audio interaction design (HAID)Chan, Meng Kheong
2017Everyday practice in public living environment : contesting street spaces in an ever-transforming urban area in Hong KongHuang, Yi Hua
2013Exploring the future of technology education in ChinaFeng, Weiwei
2018Fostering sustainable behaviour through social games : elements of 'gamified behaviour-change programmes' contributing to the process of behaviour change for environmental benefitSharma, Satyakam
2016Fractal analysis on movement variability in spinal curvatureLau, Man Lung
2019A framework of culture-based innovation for the protection and development of intangible cultural heritages for design with focus on with Yanchuan patchworkXue, Bai
2015Freedom and control in public space : quality everyday life in the Hong Kong mass transit railwayZhao, Tianjiao
2015From "made in China" to "created in China" : a study of nurturing students' creativity in animation education in ChinaMa, Chi Fai Henry
2002From message conveyance to meaning creation : a preliminary discussion on creativity in advertisingChan, Tai-yan Paul
2013An interactive and generative framework towards enhancing user experiences in interactive music performance systemsWong, Ling Elaine
2001An investigation into the potential value of Hong Kong design in the perspective of competitive advantage : the case of Hong Kong electronic consumer product industryChong, Steven Pui-yik
2007"Mainland house" : a spatial-cultural study on Hong Kong people buying house/home in the Pearl River DeltaTsang, Siu-yin
2015The making of competent graphic designers in Hong Kong : the transitional period from academia to professional practiceCheung, Pun Sin Benson
2018The making of sustainable cultural and creative clusters in Hong KongTsang, Ka Man