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2011Marketing hanok as alternative accommodation for Korean tourismKim, Je Yeon
2003Measuring consumer complaining intention : using theory of planned behaviourCheng, Chung-ling Simone
2007Measuring service and service culture in the tourism industryTsang, Kee-fu Nelson
2012Medical tourism in Thailand : a study of destination choiceWongkit, Methawee
2013Members of the executive operating committee in international brand hotels in mainland China : their profiles and aspirationsTung, Yi Fan
2013A meta-analysis of international tourism demand elasticities and forecasting accuracyPeng, Bo
2015Mobility, social capital, and early-stage tourism developmentZhou, Lingxu
2011Modeling quality deterioration in package tours : an application to China's "zero-fare" group toursChen, Yong
2013Modelling and forecasting the demand for and supply of hotel rooms in Hong KongJin, Jung-eun Esther
2014Modelling and forecasting the demand for Peruvian tourismRoekaert, Edward
2013The moderating effect of environmental scanning on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance : a study with Hong Kong travel agenciesChiang, Hok Lai
2011The moderating effect of information, familiarity and reference type on hotel pricing policies : the case of Chinese customersLau, Kit-sun
2014The moderating role of brand experience on the relationship between hotel brand positioning and brand performanceLiu, Kuo Ning
2002The motivating factors of domestic urban tourists in ShanghaiMao, Yue Iris
2006Motivation of visiting Qingdao among mainland China domestic travelersXue, Hui Catherine
2001Motivators and barriers to creativity : perspective from the supervisory employee in Hong Kong hotel industryPang, Wai-ling Loretta
2005Online evaluations on co-operation levels of regional tourism promotion alliancesLau, Yee-man Claire
2014Online travel agents - hotels' foe or friend? : a case study of mainland ChinaZhang, Fan
2011Ownership structure and corporate social responsibility : an empirical examination of firms in the hospitality and tourism industryPaek, Soyon
2018Patterns and dynamics of executive-interpreter networks in design-driven innovation processes : boutique hotels in ChinaCao, Huiyi