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2015Astigmatism and ocular structural correlates in chicksChu, Chin Hung Geoffrey
2011The changes of posterior corneal curvature, topographic corneal thickness and corneal biomechanical properties from overnight orthokeratology lens wear and recoveries of these parametersChen, Davie
2014Characteristics of astigmatism in a Hong Kong Chinese populationLeung, Tsz Wing
2009The characterization of retinal electrical signals of the in-vitro and in-vivo porcine eye : a novel large mammalian eye modelNg, Yiu-fai
2005Chloride (Cl-) transport and its regulation by nitric oxide (NO) in porcine ciliary body/epithelium (CBE)Kong, Chi-wing Marco
2017Clinical measurement of corneal biomechanical properties : tangent elastic modulusHon, Ying
2015Corneal biomechanical properties and the development of myopiaWong, Yin Zhi
2006Development and evaluation of a novel porcine desiccation-induced dry eye model for investigation of the aetiology and treatment for dry eye : implications for the ageing eyeChoy, Pik-yin Emily
2007Differential protein expressions in the emmetropization of chick retina by a proteomic approachLam, Chuen
2014Early functional changes in human diabetic retina : a multifocal electroretinogram studyLung, Chun Yee Jenny
2020The effect of high myopia on corneal changes in chickenKang, Byung Soo
2012The effects of age and glare on drivingTang, Yiu Bong
2020The effects of apolipoprotein A-1 expression on eye growth of chicksXiao, Hu
2015The effects of baicalein on chloride transport and aqueous humour formation of porcine ciliary epitheliumXiao, Jingru
2005Effects of light scattering on the multifocal electroretinogram (mfERG)Tam, Wing-kin
2016Effects of long term use of contact lens disinfecting solutions on the presence of bacteria-harbouring antiseptic-resistance genes in the conjunctival sac, eyelid and on the lens and lens accessories of orthokeratology lens wearersShi, Guang Sen
2010Fluid transport and its regulation by cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate in the porcine ciliary body epitheliumLaw, Cheung-sing
2012A genetic epidemiological study of myopia : identification of myopia susceptibility genesYiu, Wai Chi
2012High Myopia partial reduction using orthokeratology (HM-PRO)Charm, Chi Foon Jessie
2007Identifying myopia susceptibility genes by family-based association studyTang, Wing-chun