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2020Superstition and IPO initial returnChen, Xiaoqi
2020Supervised statistical inference for data of versatile dimensionality with application to GWAS studiesXu, Sheng
1999Supervisory practice in medical social service setting of scheduled II hospitals in Hong KongFu, Kwok-chu Kitty
1998Supervisory system for epoxy dispensing process monitoring in die bondingLam, Kui-kam
2015Supplier integration, green sustainability initiatives, and financial performances of fashion enterprises under global financial crisisLi, Wing Yan
2000A supplier selection model for a hi-tech consumer electronic manufacturerTong, Kwok-wai
2005The supply chain advantage : development of a strategic business model for the Hong Kong clothing industryHo, Chi-kuen
2011A supply chain collaborative model : integrating the design, operation and measurement stages of supply chainLam, Chi-yung
2011Supply chain flexibility and responsiveness : an empirical analysis of the Chinese textile and clothing industryYi, Ying
1999Supply chain management as marketing toolsPoon, Albert Shu-wa
1998Supply chain management systems through intranetHo, Shiu-mun Selina
2006Supply chain performance measurement in textile and apparel industriesCao, Ning
2020Supply chain resilience : scale development and its performance impact under different business conditions and disruptionsLi, Chunsheng
2000Supply current monitoring in mixed signal VLSIYu, Ming-fai Alex
2009Supply risk management via guanxi in the Chinese business context : the buyer's perspectiveYip, Fu-keung
2020Support spatial-temporal and high efficiency query blockchain systemTong, Qiyuan
2005A support tool for PSP and TSPPan, Chun
2013Supporting design and technology education at high schools in China through the integration of social networking and computational design techniquesJiang, Hao
2020Supporting development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through culture-based innovation : expanding the Saudi national festival for culture and heritage into a national project for innovation and designBakhotmah, Fawaz Abid
2013Supporting genealogy data exchange with considerations of Chinese cultureSong, Li Jun