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2020Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of promis paediatric-25 profile v2.0 for children with cancer in Hong KongChan, Wing Wai
2009Translation and validation of Chinese version of International Knee Documentation Committee-Subjective Knee FormChan, Yat-hing Robbins
2014Translation as culture transplant : a case stuey of Morrison's Bible translation and Taiping Heavenly KingdomWang, Yuechen
2019Transmission electron microscopy characterizations with in situ electrical manipulations on two-dimensional materialsWong, Lok Wing
2011Transmission expansion planning in an electricity market environmentJin, Qibo
1997Transmission network planning using genetic algorithmsChan, Ka-ip
1997Transmission network planning with the aid of probabilistic load flow analysisCheung, Che-hung
2014The transmission of bacteria acquired from handwashing with contaminated soaps : a simulated clinical field experimental studyLeong, Weng Si Priscilla
2008Transmission pricing scheme for open electricity marketSang, Zixia
2009Transnational consumer culture and middle class professionals : an ethnographic account of consumption and identity in post-reform ChinaElfick, Tse-mui Jacqueline
2018A transparent cathode for lithium sulfur batteriesShi, Fangyi
2017Transplantation of a positive youth development program in mainland ChinaLeung, Tong Lit Charles
2015Transport and optical characteristics of graphene-based hybrid structure and two-dimensional layered gallium selenideJie, Wenjing
2015Transport network structure : competition and policy implicationsWang, Yujie
2021A transposon-based insertional mutagenesis screen for identifying cancer genes and sorafenib resistance mechanisms in hepatocellular carcinomaTo, Chong Wa
2007Trapped-energy high-frequency piezoelectric resonatorsWong, Hon-tung
2000Travel motivation and touristic activities of senior leisure travelers to Hong KongHui, Leung-leung
2018Travel motivations, benefits and characteristics of meditation tourism in Thailand : the international tourist perspectivePiuchan, Manisa
1998Travelers' beliefs of importance and perceptions of hotel attributes in the Hong Kong hotel industry : a multivariate approachChu, Kai-sin Raymond
1997Treated effluent discharge study at Kai Tak Nullah and Kwun Tong typhoon shelterFok, Chi-man Richard