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2021Trend adaptive deep reinforcement learning for quantitative tradingWang, Qi
2020Trends of summer PM₂.₅ and its components during 2013-2017 in China: the effects of meteorological changes and emission reductionsLi, Hongyi
2010Tribological coating of titanium alloys by laser processingPang, Wang
2018Tropospheric correction for long-range high precision GNSS positioning with regional numerical weather prediction modelsLiu, Min
2001Trouble call system in power utilityWong, Hin Wah
2019True stress-strain characteristic of s275 and s690 steel materialsLiang, Zi-hao
1999The tug of work and family : work interference with family and family interference with workFu, Ka-mun Carmen
2015Tumbler in tidal wave : the professional stance of social workers under managerialismLai, Hung-sing
2017Tunable mode-locked fiber lasers with optical fiber grating devicesWang, Jie
2012Tunable photonic devices in ferroelectric-based layered structuresXin, Jianzhuo
2015Tunable plasmonic devices in gold/dielectric nanostructuresNg, Ki Fung
2004Tuned dynamic absorber using non-linear stiffnessWong, Wai-lun
2002Turbo coding for mobile radio applicationsQi, Feng
2007A turbulent cylinder wake with cylinder corners modified or a neighbouring cylinder presentHu, Juchuan
2011Turbulent flows within a cyclone and behind an ahmed vehicle modelWang, Xiaowen
2005Turbulent structures in the wake of circular cylindersYiu, Man-wah
2000The turbulent wake of two side-by-side circular cylindersYiu, Man-wah
2004Turn-of-the-year-effect in Asian stock marketsHa, Lin-tat
2019Turning ability (timed 360° turn test) in patients with chronic strokeShiu, Hau Yee Clara
1997Turnover behaviour of the executive grade, Hong Kong GovernmentYung, Shan-man Connie