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1993Critical success/failure factors : their identification & application in respect of local retail chain store franchise in Hong KongSin, Federick Wai-hung
2013The critical successful factors for shopping mall in urban complexNing, Ning
2008Critical thinking in Hong Kong secondary school English language classrooms : the case of five teachersMok, Fung-yee
2008The critical thinking of expert and novice nurses in an acute orthopaedic setting in Hong KongLi, Fung-yee Teresa
2015Critically evaluate the housing affordability problems of middle class households in Hong KongLan, Chi Tung
2011CRM pre-implementation framework : a case study of Naret GroupFung, Yin-ching Janet
2013CRM system study for billiard SME in ChinaLi, Chen Cathy
2018Cross domain data analytics for urban computingWang, Yuqi
2017Cross-coupling reactions of arylrhodium(III) complexes with α-diazocarbonyl compounds and N-haloamines for carbon-carbon and carbon-nitrogen bonds formation : towards development of catalytic cascade arylation-halogenation and direct arene amination reactionsNg, Fo Ning
2018A cross-cultural and contrastive investigation of the corporate governance report and the chairman's letter of Chinese and U.S. companiesLee, Wai-lam
2018The cross-cultural generalizability of paradoxical leader behavior theoryShi, Shuisheng
2017Cross-layer dynamic analysis of Android applicationsXue, Lei
2011Cross-layer optimization of wireless networksFeng, Wei
2014Cross-lingual sentiment lexicon learningGao, Dehong
2014Cross-modal vibration energy method for dynamic force identificationMao, Chen
2003A cross-sectional study of risk factors associated with the occurrence of low back pain in the staff of non-emergency ambulance transfer service departmentTam, Yin-tai Grace
1995A cross-sectional study of the perceptions of band 1 and band 5 F.1 novices towards studying through the medium of EnglishYuen, Wai-ling
2012A cross-sectional, descriptive survey of nurses' attitudes towards patient violence and management strategies in Hong Kong accident and emergency departmentsCheung, Kai-yeung
2014Crosswind effects on road vehicles moving on ground and long-span bridgesWang, Bin
2016Crowdsourcing method in empirical linguistic research : Chinese studies using mechanical turk-based experimentationWang, Shichang