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2015Dansyl-conjugated beta-lactam antibiotic as a fluorescent drug-based sensor for beta-lactamase detection and in vitro drug screeningYip, Chun Yin Karl
2018The dark side of earnings response coefficient : the role of ERC in future stock crash risk predictionXie, Si
2015Data acquisition and transmission in smart vehicle based community sensingHe, Zongjian
2022Data analytics for improving shipping efficiency : models, methods, and applicationsYan, Ran
2017Data center technology and managementLau, Kin Sun
1998Data collection and analysis of settlement characteristics of reclamation in Hong KongChan, Yip-kin
1993Data communication with wireless networkFung, Wai-keung Patrick
1994Data conversion, updating and integration of lis data in a CAD systemLaw, Shui-yin Jane
2010Data dissemination and sharing in mobile computing environmentsFan, Xiaopeng
2024Data envelopment analysis, inverse data envelopment analysis, and machine learning : a novel framework for stock portfolio managementKehinde, Temitope Olubanjo
1993Data exchange in computer system for building teamChow, Kwok-hung
1997Data mining for the development of a fuzzy rule based query systemCheung, Alan Chun-lun
2006Data mining for VOD service consumption features researchXia, Jinguang
2011Data mining in soccer matchLiu, Zhen
2003A data model for complex road network for vehicle navigation systemsHo, Sau-man Berlina
2007Data stream mining : techniques and applicationsWang, Gang
1999A data warehouse design for university information systemsTong, Suet-fan
1999Data warehousing support for mobile environmentLee, Chi-keung Ken
2019Data-driven analytics of human dynamics using privacy-sensitive dataShen, Jiaxing
2023Data-driven chance-constrained planning for distributed generation : a partial sampling approachJiang, Shiyi