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2013Does the ownership structure of state-owned enterprises help or hurt acquisition performance?Ip, Sui King Heidi
1996Does the use of the dictionary help students in their reading comprehension and cloze exercises?Wong, Winnie Wai-ling
2014DOM and DEM generation from lunar orbit imagery in sinus iridum area and applications in topographic analysisLou, Yitao
1998Domain modeling - with a case study in internal audit system for bankingLee, Tak-yiu Raymond
1999Domains of performance assessment of activities of daily living for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in Hong KongTam, Tai-wo Katharine
1998Domestic passengers forecast for Kowloon-Canton East and West railwaysTsang, Kwong-kin
2018Domestic tourists' perception of hotel websites in ThailandPinthong, Chitlada
2000Dose analysis of two radiotherapy techniques using different beam directional moulds in the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinomaCheng, Chi-yuen Harry
2011Dosimetric comparison between cone-based Linac radiosurgery system and helical Tomotherapy-based radiosurgery system for intra-cranial lesionsYip, Ho-yin
2008Dosimetric comparison of intensity modulated stereotactic radiotherapy with different stereotactic techniques for recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinomaKung, Wai-sum
2019Dosimetric comparsion of routine rapidarc and split field rapidarc for left breast cancer patients with different breast sizeMok, To Wing
2009Dosimetric effect of belly board position on small bowel and bladder volume irradiated for postoperative 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy of rectal cancerHung, Wai-king
2000A dosimetric evaluation of conventional and conformal radiotherapy for oesophageal cancerKwok, Po-ming
2012Dosimetric evaluation of static and helical tomotherapy and conventional field-in-field tangential techniques in radiotherapy for breast cancerChan, Man Ting Jocelyn
2015Dosimetric evaluation on the impact of delineation of brachial plexus in radiotherapy planning of nasopharyngeal carcinomaLi, Chi Him
2016The dosimetric impact of bladder volume variation on radiotherapy of prostate cancerLi, Ka Lam
2018Dosimetric influences and reproducibility of flexed neck and extended neck set‐up positions in helical tomotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinomaLam, Cho Pan
2018A dosimetric study : comparison of volumetric-modulated arc (VMAT) and hybrid-arc (HA) to central neck region in radiation therapy of nasopharyngeal carcinomaYeung, Fung Yung Adela
2001Double-byte text compressionCheng, Kwok-shing
2017The double-edged nature of technostress on work performance : a theoretical model and empirical analysisLei, Chun Fong