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2001Distributing Web-based services using mobile agent approachTsang, Arthur
2011Distribution of points on the sphere and spherical designsAn, Congpei
2013Distribution of spa types of methicillin-resistant Staphylocccus [sic] aureus in three local hospitals in Hong KongAu, Wing Yan
2012Distributionally robust stochastic variational inequalities and applicationsZhang, Yanfang
2020Diurnal temperature variations in urban environmentHuang, Yijin
2020Divergence on muscle stiffness of individual muscle heads of the quadriceps femoris muscleXu, Jingfei
2012Diversely polarized antenna-array signal processingYuan, Xin
2015Diversification and earnings managementHaroon, Omair
1998Dividend policy and stock returns : evidence from Hong Kong listed companiesLi, Siu-ha Rita
1997Divorce and its adaptation experienced by single fathers in Hong Kong : an exploratory studyChan, Chun-cheong
2013DNA absorption and desorption with functionalized nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide membraneYang, Suhan
2010DNA repair pathways : effects of SNPs on their functions and their role in drug resistanceLee, Sau-yin
2001DNA-based mutation detections versus glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) activity as a determinant of the enzyme deficiencyChan, Ling-chim
2009Do abnormal audit fees/non-audit fees communicate firm specific information to the stock market?Wang, Xinhua
1993Do acquisition & merger activities increase shareholders' wealth : evidence from Hong Kong Stock MarketLo, Kam-fai Catrick
2018Do business ethical values have any influence towards employee's lying and knowledge hiding behaviour?Tsang, Long Nei
2012Do construction workers accept automated monitoring? : a study on the acceptance level and its antecedentsLee, Lap Piu
2018Do hospitality internships work? : a pretest-posttest studyHu, Xiao Ricky
2000Do hotel and catering management students possess the competent entry skills, knowledge & attitudes to meet the expectations of the food service sector in the Hong Kong hospitality industryHui, Chow-hung Peter
2010Do relationships with multinational buyers improve the marketing capabilities of suppliers in transition economies?Wong, Ada Hiu-kan