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2018Exploring value co-creation behavior and service innovation with service dominant logic to measure business performanceKhan, Muhammad Aamir
2013Exposure risk of an airborne pathogen in washroomLi, Nan
2005Expressing the human HMGB1 geneLi, Li-jun
2005Expression and characterization of plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter (PfCRT) in pichia pastorisTan, Weiqi
2014Expression of interferon α/β-induced antiviral genes in dendritic cells during dengue virus infectionChiu, Ka Yin Donna
2003Expression of iron transport proteins in the brainKe, Ya
2015Expression of romA and letA in Legionella pneumophila during different phases of life cycle and in different Acanthamoeba hostsYoung, Chi Pong
2010Expression of toll-like receptors 1-9, CK7, CK19 and glypican3 in liver neoplasmsNg, Man-hay
2006Expression profiles of MAD2L1, p53 and Rb proteins with MAD2L1 promoter methylation status in Chinese breast cancer patientsChong, Wai-ki
2007Expression profiling of HMGB1 suppressed MCF-7 cellsPeng, Xiao
2015Extended ELM-based architectures and techniques for fast learning of feature interaction and intervals from dataLi, Yingjie
2004Extended enterprise development in contract manufacturingChan, Fook-siu Michael
2001Extended predictive model markup languageLau, Tze-wah
2019Extending the homophily theory to human images with applications to hotel websitesChan, Cheng Chu
2007An extension of the crisp ontology for uncertain information modeling : fuzzy ontology mapLam, Ho-wang Toby
2009Extent of post-operative hyperglycaemia in the high-risk cases and its relation with post-operative infections during hospitalizationYip, Wing-sim Ruby
2013External magnetic field effect on BCC iron at elevated temperatures by spin-lattice dynamics simulationChui, Chun Pon
2016Extraversion and sales performance : does face-to-face communication matter?Chen, Jianwen
2000Extremely low frequency magnetic field shielding in large office buildingKong, Siu-kuen Sammy
2010Extrinsic dielectric relaxation of colossal dielectric constant material-CaCu₃Ti₄O₁₂(CCTO)Cao, Mingxiang