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2012An exploratory study of the impact of stress on quality of life among front-line nursing staff working in respiratory fever admission wards (RFAWs) and general medical wards (GMWs)Tsang, Chung-shun Desmond
2000An exploratory study of the inner moral voices of adolescent runaway girlsWan, Shuk-ching Suzanne
1998An exploratory study of the major factors leading to the unsuccessful discharge plan for children aged between six to twelve and having stayed at out-of-home placements for over two yearsWong, Pui-ha Cecilia
2003An exploratory study of the quality of life and care concerns of patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseFan, Lai-fa
1995An exploratory study of the stress patterns of compound nouns in Hong Kong EnglishHo, Kwok-keung
2016An exploratory study of the subjective traumatic school bullying experiences of adolescent victims who have later developed early psychosisWong, Mei Kwan Rosetta
1997The exploratory study of the teenage pregnancy and the moral voicesKwok, Corinna Yuk-ping
1996An exploratory study on " maternal overprotection - its possible causes and implications on the development of a child's emotions, behaviors and social relationships"Suen, Suk-yin Christina
1998An exploratory study on adolescent girls' coping with parents' marital conflict in Hong KongChiu, Wai-kan Yolanda
2008An exploratory study on art-facilitated psychosocial intervention for stroke patientsChan, Wing-han
2004An exploratory study on barriers for supplier development in textile industry : a case studyTsang, Ngan-sim Phyby
2000An exploratory study on different parenting and adolescents' coping in Hong KongNg, Wai-ngan
1997An exploratory study on empowering the oppressed by social actionCheng, Chung-man
1998An exploratory study on factors affecting Internet marketing effectivenessLi, Raymond Tak-ming
1997An exploratory study on factors affecting parenting and the relationship between parenting practices and adolescent development in Hong KongKwok, Lai-yi Clara
2006An exploratory study on factors affecting the acceptance on influenza vaccination among Chinese community-dwelling elderly in Hong KongLam, Oi-yi
2000An exploratory study on factors enhancing the residents' participation in activities in a care and attention homeTai, Chi-ming
2017An exploratory study on finger knitting-facilitated therapyYao, Mei Yu
1997Exploratory study on Hong Kong Chinese gay couplesCheung, Anna Yin-wai
2016An exploratory study on knowledge quality through the peer review process for research publicationsSabetzadeh, Farzad