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2007Fabrication and optical characterization of epitaxial strontium barium niobate films for waveguide applicationsLang, Zhong
2017Fabrication and study of patterned polymer brushes for controlling cell behaviorChen, Lina
2013Fabrication of bioactive titanium oxide coating on nickel-titanium using plasma electrolytic oxidationSiu, Hin Ting
2014Fabrication of carbon nano-dots and their optical propertiesZhang, Wenfei
2014Fabrication of CZTS and ZnO nano-rods for solar cell applicationChan, Heung Tang
2012Fabrication of flexible electrodes for photovoltaic applicationsWong, Chiu Po
2015Fabrication of high infrared reflective textiles by magnetron sputtering technology Miao DagangMiao, Dagang
2016Fabrication of metallic textiles assisted with polymer brushesYan, Ka Chi
2010Fabrication of microengineered polyethylene glycol (PEG) hydrogel for cell alignment and elongationJing, di
2002Fabrication of MnO and CoO films using pulsed laser deposition techniqueLam, Ping-shun
2000Fabrication of nitride and oxide films using pulsed laser deposition techniqueChan, Hon-kit Robin
2015Fabrication of novel optical fibers and their sensing applicationsLiu, Zhengyong
2010Fabrication of RGD peptide gradient poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) hydrogel in microfluidic gradient generators to control mesenchymal stem cell behaviourLiu, Zongbin
2008Fabrication of single crystal based phased array medical imaging ultrasonic transducersLi, Heng
2011Fabrication of superhydrophilic wool fabrics by nanotechnologyChen, Dong
2016Fabrication of textiles based capacitive deviceLi, Wing Chung Vincent
2005Fabrication, structures and properties of nano/microencapsulated phase change materials, thermo-regulated fibres and fabricsZhang, Xingxiang
2006Face image analysis and its applicationsXie, Xudong
2010Face recognition based on manifold learningMa, Jiahuan
1999Face recognition by eigenfaces approachLau, Tse-yim