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2007Expression profiling of HMGB1 suppressed MCF-7 cellsPeng, Xiao
2015Extended ELM-based architectures and techniques for fast learning of feature interaction and intervals from dataLi, Yingjie
2004Extended enterprise development in contract manufacturingChan, Fook-siu Michael
2001Extended predictive model markup languageLau, Tze-wah
2019Extending the homophily theory to human images with applications to hotel websitesChan, Cheng Chu
2007An extension of the crisp ontology for uncertain information modeling : fuzzy ontology mapLam, Ho-wang Toby
2009Extent of post-operative hyperglycaemia in the high-risk cases and its relation with post-operative infections during hospitalizationYip, Wing-sim Ruby
2013External magnetic field effect on BCC iron at elevated temperatures by spin-lattice dynamics simulationChui, Chun Pon
2016Extraversion and sales performance : does face-to-face communication matter?Chen, Jianwen
2000Extremely low frequency magnetic field shielding in large office buildingKong, Siu-kuen Sammy
2010Extrinsic dielectric relaxation of colossal dielectric constant material-CaCu₃Ti₄O₁₂(CCTO)Cao, Mingxiang
2012Fabric strain sensor integrated with CNPECs for repeated large deformationYi, Weijing
2013Fabrication and adhesion analysis of bio-inspired hierarchical nano- and micro-structured fibrillar surfacesLi, Weiqun
2007Fabrication and characterization of all oxide P-N junction diodesZhuang, Lin
2009The fabrication and characterization of BiFeO₃nanotubesHo, Kam-wa
2001Fabrication and characterization of ferroelectric field effect transistorSo, King-sing
2007Fabrication and characterization of flexible organic light-emitting diodes for smart textiles applicationWang, Guangfeng
2006Fabrication and characterization of gallium nitride based heterojunctions etched by photoelectrochemical wet etchingGao, Jie
2010Fabrication and characterization of GaN-based light emitting diodesLeung, Ka-kuen
2015Fabrication and characterization of graphene quantum dots for electronic and optoelectronic applicationsLuk, Chi Man