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2019Graphene nanoparticle-functionalized polymer composites for self-sensing ultrasonic waves : an initiative towards "sensor-free" structural health monitoringLi, Yehai
2014Graphene oxide based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FREF) biosensor for H5N1 DNA detectionMeng, Nuo Ya
2014Graphene quantum dots : magnetic nanoparticle composite based cellular drug delivery carrier systemTeng, Yun
2015Graphene quantum dots-aptamer and graphene oxide based fluorescence resonance energy transfer biosensor for the detection of EpCAM protein and breast cancer cell (MCF-7)Tan, Xiaoying
2017Graphene-metal nanocomposite in energy applicationsLu, Xiao
2018Graphene-supported ultrathin two-dimensional materials and their applicationsNg, Sze Wing
2017Graphene/manganese oxide composites for energy storageQian, Jiasheng
2010Graphic representation of atomistic simulation using GPUSong, Jiayu Michael
2018Graphical models and its estimation in time series analysisYuen, Tsz Pang
1999Graphical representation of 4-dimensional information space (4DIS) using virtual reality modelling language (VRML)Cheng, Chi-ho
2001The greater private sector involvement in housing management services of Housing DepartmentLau, Pui-yan Sandy
2004Green approaches to catalytic epoxidation of olefinsTong, Kit-ho
2011Green design in real estate in medium-sized cities of ChinaLu, Junyan
2016Green heterogeneous catalysts for biofuel synthesisKwong, Tsz Lung
2012Green retailing : construct measurement and its antecedent-adoption-performance relationshipsTang, Kit Yee
2014Green service in the consumer-product industry : conceptualization and performance implicationsChan, Ting Yan
2002"Green" computer colour matching system for pollution prevention in textile wet processingKwok, Wing-yin Keith
2010Grinding-aided electrochemical discharge machining of metal matrix compositesLiu, Jiangwen
2018A grounded theory approach to emergency nurses' engagement in managing emerging infectious diseases : persevering through collapse vulnerabilityLam, Kam Ki
2010A grounded theory study : communication model about end-of-life care in the intensive care unitWong, Lai-ming