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2012How do land, labour, capital, and property rights affect prices and urbanisation?Constantini, Aldo
2002How do students learn from activities in self-instructional materials for distance education courses?Lo, Wai-wai Anna
1997How do the board structures of listed companies in Hong Kong affect the interests of their shareholdersSo, Rebecca Kam-king
2011How do worldviews shape self-views? : an examination of the causality between cynicism and self-esteemLam, Chun-pan
2016How does having a child change leisure and travel patterns among new parents?Luk, Yim Mei
2019How does healthcare voucher system affect optometric vision care utilization among older people in Hong Kong?Sum, Wing Man Rita
2021How does multi-attribute decision-making drive Hong Kong inbound Chinese tourists’ online hotel choice? – A random forest analysisWang, Qiulin
2020How does political power influence resource allocation, evidence from NSF grant in ChinaLiu, Zihua
2014How does social cynicism affect psychological well-being? : The mediating role of attention and memory of negative informationNg, Chi Kit
2008How E-learning can affect student progressionGuan, Ling
1994How EDI enhances the competitive advantages of Hong Kong as an international trading center and gateway of ChinaCheung, Mei-tak Eva
2020How external factors influence inventor productivity?Luo, Yue
2000How has China's balance of trade responded to changes in Renminbi's exchange rate? : an empirical investigationKwong, Siu-ling
2011How important is authenticity?Ho, Tien-Lin Lynn
2003How leaders improve organizational effectiveness under psychological contract violation?Mui, Pak-chin Nick
2017How motor-skill experiences modulate executive control : differentiation of proactive and reactive controlsYu, Qiuhua
2019How neighbors affect the border development at global scaleShen, Zheyan
2011How service use is transformed to social value through customer's identifications : an empirical study of value co-creation in brand communityPoon, Kwok Ho
2014How social media marketing activities affect brand image and resulting purchase intentionLi, Vivian
2016How the Islamic State convinces the world : appraisal analysis on the propaganda video texts of the Islamic State (I.S.)Lun, Pui Yan Lelia