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2013Investigation of novel functional glasses for photonic applicationsTao, Lili
2000An investigation of obstructed interior lighting design calculations andsimulationsFung, Chi-hung
2012An investigation of online reputation and purchase intention : a case study of the Chinese E-marketXiong, Jiakai
2015Investigation of packing type of dehumidifier/regenerator in liquid desiccant air-conditioning systemWang, Yalin
2000Investigation of performance sensitivity of OFDM systems to multipath fading channel parametersWong, Mei-lung
2009Investigation of photoprotective effects of polysaccharide-rich extracts of Cordyceps (Cs-HK1) against UVA radiation-induced DNA damage in human skin cellsPoon, Pik-chi
2001Investigation of pile foundation by finite element methodNgan, Yok-ming
2016Investigation of pollutants inter-unit dispersion and natural ventilation in buildings due to wind effectCui, Dongjin
1999Investigation of possible treatment-related changes in low density lipoprotein subfractions in hypothyroid patients receiving thyroxine replacement,by a newly developed 'short spin separation' ultracentrifugation techniqueMa, Shuk-woon
2017Investigation of privacy issues in advertisement libraries for mobile appsWang, Haixu
2017Investigation of rheological properties of laboratory and field aged fine aggregate matrixSun, Wei
2010Investigation of running shoe design on the foot kinematics, kinetics, and muscle recruitment pattern in people with overpronation problemCheung, Tsz-hei Roy
2009Investigation of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in dynamic settingsZhang, Xinzheng
2000An investigation of small propeller noise with uneven bladingChan, Kwok-hung
2005Investigation of socket reactions from transtibial prosthesis malalignmentBoone, David Alan
2014Investigation of solar electric systems based on nano rectennaWang, Jiajie Ivan
2001Investigation of spark breakdown paths in air by using an image processing techniqueQiu, Dehong
1996Investigation of spatio-temporal networks for temporal sequence recognitionKo, Tat Leung
2013Investigation of spurious waves in thin-film bulk acoustic wave resonatorsYang, Wenxia
2000The investigation of stance symmetry, standing balance and physical mobility in patients with acute hemiplegic strokeChau, Mei-wa Rosanna