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1994Involvement of end users in information system development : a case study in a utility companyChan, Loong Geoffrey
2013The involvement of entorhinal cortex in cross-modal associative memoryLiao, Zhengli
2014The involvement of estrogen receptor (ER) and G protein-coupled estrogen receptor (GPR30) in rapid cellular signaling of phytoestrogens in osteoblastsHo, Ming Xian
2012The involvement of NPM1 in transcriptional activation of PCNAChiu, Ya Ming
2003IPOS in China : an empirical study of performance, returns, and earnings manipulationNg, Lai-man Carmen
2017Is back-of-house back of mind in China?Shih, Chia Loo Louis
2011Is double-gloving really protective? : a comparison between the glove perforation rates among perioperative nurses with single-glove and double-glove during operationsWong, Po-ming Gi Gi
2006Is increased television viewing related to obesity among primary school children in Hong Kong? : a cross-sectional studyChiu, Wai-man Joey
2007Is multidisciplinary training beneficial to the core competency development of the Medical Laboratory Technology (MT/MLT) professionYip, Shuk-fun Alice
2018Is paternalistic leadership challenge or hindrance? : congruence effect and incongruence effect of authoritarianism and benevolence on employee outcomesXia, Ying
1997Is privatization a better alternative to deliver municipal services? : a case study on the Hong Kong Stadium and the Hong Kong ColiseumLiu, Tak-wah
2008Is saline irrigation an effective alternative for cleansing pressure sores of elderly in old aged home : a pilot studyHo, Yuet-ming
2018Is the omission of material weakness disclosures related to management and auditors?Leung, Danson
1996Is the style of writing currently being taught at an adult centre for language learning appropriate for the business context in which it needs to be used?Klintworth, Carene
2014Is there a "real" trend in the real estate market? : evidence from the country-level real estate indicesLai, Man Yuk Raymond
1995Is there a better way of doing things : a business process reengineering through IT of the personal document application functions in the Immigration DepartmentWong, Wai-man Raymond
2011Is there an ideal hotel management study curriculum?Tagbor, Anne Adjoe Kokui
2019Is workplace telepressure always bad? : exploring its effects on knowledge sharingFung, Chun Yeung Walter
2016Islanding detection for distributed generationLi, Li
2000ISO 9000 compliant quality management in a student service unitWong, Yee-ping