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2019Investigation of the effects of park configurations and surrounding buildings on thermal comfort of the urban parkLi, Renzi
2018Investigation of the effects of rejuvenators on aged polymer modified friction course asphalt materialsTan, Zhifei
2003An investigation of the factors influencing Hong Kong employees' willingness to relocate to the PRCCheung, Pui-shan Sara
2004An investigation of the factors that affect the performance in driver training industry in Hong KongSit, Sze-yuen
2002An investigation of the feasibility of using group decision support systems to improve value management studiesChung, Kin-hung Jacky
2013Investigation of the influence of bacterial contamination in hand-operated refillable soap dispenser on the outcome of hand washingTam, Lai Ching Jacqueline
2005An investigation of the lighting quality in Hong Kong classroomsYeung, Sau-shan
2001Investigation of the luminous and electrical performance of different combinations of lamps and ballastsMak, Kin-chuen
2011Investigation of the molecular mechanism of drug resistance with specific reference to the pfcrt gene in plasmodium falciparumChung, Yik-to
2017Investigation of the molecular mechanisms of Fructus Ligustri Lucidi on calcium balance and vitamin D metabolismCao, Sisi
1999Investigation of the normal values of the cervical prevertebral soft tissue thickness in an adult Chinese populationCheung, Chi-fai
2009Investigation of the performance characteristics of 16-slice and 64-slice multi-detector computed tomography in coronary angiogram : an image quality studyChung, Yee-kwan Elaine
2009An investigation of the politeness phenomena in hotel service encountersYuen, Wai-ling
2017An investigation of the relationship between electronic device usage and upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders among university students in Hong Kong by means of self-reported questionnaire, physical examinations and ultrasound imagingWoo, Hoi Chi
1996An investigation of the role of the English panel chairs of Hong Kong secondary schools : management issues and strategiesCheung, Goretti Pui-lan
2004Investigation of the structure-activity relationship (SAR) of natural products ((-)-EGCG from green tea and YCK from Murraya Paniculata)Lam, Wai-har
2015Investigation of the substrate recognition mechanisms of botulinum neurotoxin and its application in detection and therapy developmentGuo, Jiubiao
2005An investigation of the teachers' and students' perceptions towards the assessment methods of English communication skills moduleTam, Lai-wah
2018Investigation of the techno-economic performance of photovoltaic systems in rooftop and façade areas of educational buildingsShi, Ke
2007Investigation of the thermal and emission characteristics of an impinging inverse diffusion flameNg, Tsz-kwan