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2018Investigation on potential, performance and policy of feasible solar PV technologies in buildings in Hong KongSong, Aotian
2013An investigation on public environmental investment in the P.R.C. for sustainable developmentChen, Keyu
2001Investigation on sensing topology for sequential control of chiller plants for efficient operation and controlKwan, Chi-hung Alex
2015Investigation on shape-controlled synthesis of nanoscale composites and their applicationsLin, Mei
2010Investigation on simulating the performance of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) by using EnergyPlusChan, Tsz-ying Jason
2008Investigation on spatio-temporal database and spatio-temporal extension for postgreSQLZheng, Weisheng
2013Investigation on the actual power output of building-integrated amorphous photovoltaic claddingsLiu, Hongyu
2006An investigation on the coagulation and deposition of combustion particles in an enclosed chamberSchnell, Marc-Alexander
2010Investigation on the defrosting characteristics of an air-to-air heat pump under different operation conditionsYao, Ting
2015Investigation on the effectiveness of two different therapeutic exercise programs in patients with chronic mechanical neck pain : a randomized controlled trialLaw, Yuk Hung Ellis
2001An investigation on the effects of the Hong Kong dollar peg on the Hong Kong financial and real propertiesLuk, John
2006An investigation on the factors affecting young Chinese consumers' decision-making behaviour towards casual wear purchaseKwan, Chui-yan
2017Investigation on the growth and characterization of Tin Sulfide 2D thin filmsWang, Shifeng
2015Investigation on the growth of SnS thin films and the fabrication of SnS heterojunctionsWang, Wei
2002An investigation on the implementation pattern of environmental management system (EMS) in Hong KongSzeto, Yuen-ting Agnes
2017An investigation on the metallurgical process and deformation mechanism of a novel resource-saving duplex stainless steel (DSS)Wan, Jianquan
2011Investigation on the performance of multi-junction solar cellsChiang, Yan-yi
2000An investigation on the relationship between supervisor's role and supervisory satisfaction in a non-traditional dominant setting : a hospital studyLai, Cheuk-kuen Richard
2000An investigation on the statistical properties of noise at residential building facadesChu, Ho-kin
2019Investigation on the superplastic hot working of Mg-Li alloys for fabrication of complex structuresYang, Haopeng