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2004The lived experiences of subfertile couples in Hong Kong : a descriptive phenomenology approachYu, Pui-ling
2013Liver fibrosis assessment using transient elastography guided with real-time B-mode ultrasound imaging : a feasibility studyMak, Tak-man
2011Living beyond gynecologic cancer : quality of life and sexuality among Chinese womenZeng, Yingchun
2009Living plants recognition from leaf featuresLin, Jing
2008Living with dysphagia : striving hard to preserve oral feedingWong, Kit Ripley
2003LKJ 果冻市场调查研究报告許華; Xu, Hua
1998Load balancing in an information delivery systemCheung, Mo-yin
1997Load distributing in a lan of workstationsWai, Kei-yip
1997Load redisposition for security improvement in primary substationsChan, Yun-chuen
1997Loadings on platform screen doorsLeung, Yue-kan
2000Local buckling of hollow and concrete filled polygonal columns subjectedto axial compression or bendingNgok, Lau-yuen
2016Local community perceptions of tourism development in the small region of MacaoBut, Wing Pong Jose
2016Local grammars of movement in financial EnglishSui, Xin
2011Local residents' perceptions toward Shanghai Disney resortSun, Wen
2001Local telephony in Hong Kong : a study of production structure and natural monopoly issueLam, Sze-wai Teresa
2014Local-measure-based landslide morphological analysis using airborne LiDAR dataDeng, Susu
2018Localization and characterization of noise sources in enclosed space by microphone arrayWang, Tiangang
2013Localization and characterization of noise sources in urban environment by microphone array signal processingTam, Kai Chung
2002Localization of ion transporters and channels in the bovine ciliary epitheliumSheng, Ka-lee Caren
2004Localization of the multi-drug resistance gene product (LeMDR1) in Leishmania enriettiiTsang, Ming-san