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2012Authenticating moving spatial queriesYung, Ka-Wai
2004Authenticating personal identities using palmprint recognitionLi, Wenxin
2009Authentication in wireless mesh networkZhang, Yixiu
1999Auto-tuning of fuzzy logic controllers for self-regulating processesChan, Kui-kee
1998Auto-tuning of power system stabilizer (PSS)Li, Tze-chung
1997Auto-tuning PID controller using neural networkBui, Tai-wah
2019Automated blood detection for endoscopic imagesXu, Nan
2000Automated form readingChu, Kim-ching
2014Automated generation of adaptive schematic network mapsTi, Peng
2010Automated multi-level spatial database for GIS applicationTong, Man-kong
2016Automated recognition of urban areas based on land cover composition and configurationOu, Yang
2014The automated road network schematization by using straight and curved linesLi, Chen
1996Automatic assembly lines using back-propagation neural network for pattern recognitionNg, Pan-yau
1997Automatic brake pad gauging by machine visionLee, Tak-shing
2011Automatic breath signal analysis and system design for medical applicationsGuo, Dongmin
1999Automatic classification of tropical cyclone intensity from digital infrared satellite imageryLi, Kin-wai
1995Automatic control for active vibration isolation systemWong, Kam-hon Richard
2016Automatic extraction of lexico-semantic information on shape wordsQuattri, Francesca
2005Automatic fusion of photogrammetric imagery and laser scanner point cloudsForkuo, Eric Kwabena
2014Automatic incident detection under no-rain and rain conditionsLi, Xiangmin