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2010Investigation of factors affecting the optimal pathway for first sacrum (S1) pedicle screw in orthopaedic surgical operationNg, Tat-ming
2021Investigation of feature selection schemes for building energy modelingWang, Na
1999Investigation of fingerprint analysis algorithmsSiu, Kok-kow Kenneth
2001An investigation of form one students' perspectives on language anxiety and how it relates to their oral performanceLiu, Yuk-pui Ivy
2023Investigation of gait parameters for fatigue detectionZhang, Guoxin
2004Investigation of high dielectric constant ceramics and films with improved temperature stability of doped and undoped (x)Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O3:(1-x)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3Tai, Cheuk-wai
2014Investigation of high frequency DC to AC conversion and control techniques for high frequency power distributionLiu, Junfeng
2022Investigation of high-performance non-fullerene organic solar cells prepared with novel nanostructuresZhang, Ying
2008Investigation of higher order mode transmission loss in a rectangular air duct with no flowLeung, Kwan-hao
2009Investigation of indoor air quality associated with different building maintenance activitiesChen, Zijun
2000Investigation of indoor and outdoor air quality at classrooms in Hong KongChang, Chia-chi Maureen
2017An investigation of inter-relationships between vitamin D status, oxidative stress and glycemic control in patients with metabolic syndrome in Hong KongLai, Lap Kwong Bert
2020Investigation of interactions between β-lactamases and β-lactamase inhibitory proteins (BLIPs) using mass spectrometric approachesHuang, Liwen
1999An investigation of lay knowledge of physical education teachers in the emergency management of dental trauma in Hong KongChan, Wai-kwok
2023An investigation of lexical bundles in L1 speeches and L2 interpreted languages : a corpus-based studyLiu, Yi
2015Investigation of load side power conversion for high frequency AC distribution systemsXu, Cuidong
2012An investigation of low frequency noise and airflow effects due to wind past a ductShen, Yunlu
2017Investigation of low-density parity-check codes and decodersMo, Fanlu
1996Investigation of magnetic field interference in distribution substationsLam, Yim-mou
2007Investigation of major biochemical factors for improved carotenoid (astaxanthin) production by the yeast xanthophyllomyces dendrorhousLiu, Yuanshuai