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2011Numerical methods for interest rate derivativesZhou, Hongjun
2020Numerical modeling and analysis of flexible barriers subjected to the impact of rockfalls/granular flows in comparison with test dataZhu, Zhuohui
2018Numerical modeling of direct carbon solid oxide cellsXu, Haoran
1995Numerical modeling of indoor radon concentration distribution within an air-conditioned spaceLee, Chi-kin
2016Numerical modeling of solid oxide fuel cellZheng, Keqing
2006Numerical modelling of wave-current induced turbidity maximum in the Pearl River estuaryWang, Chonghao
2003Numerical models for predicting sound propagation in ductsChan, Chi-lung
2011Numerical models for sound propagation in long spacesLai, Yuen-cheung Chenly
2004Numerical simulation for structural steel member or framed structure at elevated temperatureIu, Chi-kin Jerry
2017Numerical simulation of aerosol dynamics in multi-scale systemsLiu, Shuyuan
2005Numerical simulation of an open premixed turbulent V-flame using contour advection with surgery : determination of flame surface density and overall burning rateTang, Hiu-yeuk Blossom
2016Numerical simulation of bio-diesel engine combustion and emissionShang, Longji
2011Numerical simulation of blood flow in stenotic arteriesFu, Sau-chung
2016Numerical simulation of flow behaviors of cells in microvessels using dissipative particle dynamicsXiao, Lanlan
2012Numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction for elastic cylinders in axial flowLiu, Zhengang
2004Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in desiccant coated rotary dehumidifiersZhang, Huan
2015Numerical simulation of ozone formation at different elevations in mountainous area of Hong Kong using WRF-CMAQ modelWang, Nan
2011Numerical simulation of room airflow using different types of ventilation methodsLeung, Chi
2015Numerical simulation of subsonic planar jet impinging on moving flat wallHu, Xueqiong
1998Numerical simulation of thin film transistorsFung, Lai-wah